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Amazon Prime Day

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The biggest deal day is around the corner, known as "Amazon Prime Day" when talking about deals. Most people are confused about the period of Amazon Prime Day, don't worry. We have covered all aspects of Amazon Prime Day to help you enjoy the most incredible deals of the year 2022.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is considered the greatest of all deals ever introduced in the e-commerce world. To be a part of the most significant discount event of the year, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Day 2021 was far better than the Cyber Monday deals and even the Black Friday Deals, making it the Best Deal Day ever introduced. You can grab clothes, beauty products, kid's products, home appliances, kitchen gadgets, and the trending products shown around social media. You can grab the products you have been looking for all over a year to purchase at a lower price.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Official dates have been announced, but before the official announcement, rumors were that the most significant event would be from July 18 till July 19. 

The official dates of Amazon Prime day are 12-13 July.

When is Amazon Prime Day Over?

The Prime day lasts for 24 to a maximum of 48 hours. We have shared below the previous Amazon Prime Day Dates:

Prime Day 2015: the 15th of July

Prime Day 2016: the 12th of July

Prime Day 2017: 11th to 12th July

Prime Day 2018: 16th to 17th July

Prime Day 2019: 15th to 16th July

Prime Day 2020: 13th to 14th October (due to Pandemic)

Prime Day 2021: 21st to 22nd June

Prime Day 2022: 12th to 13th July

If we look at the days related to these days over the years, Amazon makes a Monday to Tuesday or Tuesday to Wednesday combination for the event. Last year Prime day had an almost $1.9 Billion sale collection, making it the best of all events.

How Was Amazon Prime Day introduced?

Amazon introduced Prime Day in 2015 as a 24-hour sale event for Amazon's 20th Anniversary. With time Prime Day became the most talked-about sale event of the year. It was named Prime Day because "Prime" is one of the Amazon subscriptions providing free shipping on products. Which later expanded to Prime Video and additional Amazon benefits in the subscriptions.

Prime Day helped Amazon sell their brand products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, etc. The prime subscriber increased gradually. With the help of Prime Day, Amazon clears its warehouse stocks to prepare for the holiday sale season.

Only Amazon Prime Members Can Enjoy the Prime Day?

Only Amazon Prime Members Can Enjoy the Prime Day?

If we give a short answer, then it is YES. You need to be an Amazon Prime member to participate in the mega sale event. If you are not mood to spend money on the subscription, then "Try Amazon Prime Subscription - Free for 30 days". Sign up by clicking on the link. Remember, it is only accessible for 30 days. Signup near Prime Day to enjoy the mega event without paying the Amazon Prime subscription fee.

Suppose you want to Subscribe to Amazon Prime membership to get benefits on Amazon for longer. Then continue the subscription by paying the fee after the 30 days trial. To know about Amazon subscriptions and benefits, click here.

How to be a part of Amazon Prime Day 2022?

It is effortless to be part of Amazon Prime Day 2022. We have listed the process steps to enjoy the Mega sale event of 2022.

Step 1 (Ignore this step if you are already Amazon Prime Member)

Sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Student. Follow the instructions mentioned on Amazon's website to subscribe to the membership without hassle.

Step 2

Download the Amazon app on your phone (IOS or Android). Login with your details. You will be able to see the deals and discount even before the event starts.

Step 3 (Depends on your choice)

Go through Amazon's Prime Insider Guide to better understand Prime day. It will help you know the deals and discounts offered during the event.

Step 4

Be prepared to get the best out of the Prime day deals. Get your smartphones and laptops charged—set reminders for the Prime day shopping. Make a list of things you want to purchase at discounted prices.

Where Can We Get Deals and Coupons Right Now?

To get deals and coupons regularly. You can visit our website as we have featured Amazon Coupons, Amazon Deals, and deals from other brands. Feel free to contact us for deals and coupons. Our team will get you the products you desire. We hope you get the best out of the biggest deal of the season. We will be around posting articles about the shopping event. Keep following our blogs to get the best out of Amazon Prime Day.

When Do Prime Day Deals Start?

Amazon Prime day 2022 is around the corner and the official dates of Prime day are 12-13 July. The Prime day deals will start on 12 June at 12:00 pm (PT) and will end on 13 July at 11:59 pm (PT). But Amazon has started listing Prime day pre-deals on its website to let customers enjoy the discounts. You will find the Amazon brand deals the most as Amazon primarily focuses on its own manufactured products.

Once you visit Amazon prime day section, you will find Amazon devices and Amazon clothing & essential deals. Other brands are listed at the end of the prime day page. You can also find prime day deals by searching around different products on Amazon. Get ready to be part of one of the biggest sale events of the year. Only a few days are left for the prime day to start but you can find pre-deals on the Prime day page now.

How Long Does the Prime Day Sale Last?

Amazon prime was introduced back in 2015 on the 20th anniversary of Amazon. It was only introduced for 24 hours but due to the massive success, Amazon decided to continue the event every year. In 2021, Amazon prime day lasted for 48 hours for the first time. So, the prime day sale will last for 48 hours starting from 12 July at 12:00 am (PT) and ending on 13 July at 11:59 pm (PT).

Is everything on sale on Amazon Prime Day?

During Prime Day, you will find almost all categories on sale during the prime day but with restricted retailers. This is the only difference between Prime Day and Black Friday. You will find most of the discounts on Amazon-related brands and on all other categories too. Let us share the stats of Amazon Prime day 2021 for you to understand better.

Top Categories Purchased During Amazon Prime 2021


Health & Beauty


Apparel & Shoes


Consumer Electronics


Home & garden


Household Essentials


Toys/Video games


Smart home devices


Baby Items




Books, Videos/Media


Pet Care


*Source: Numerator 2021 Prime Day Survey

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Activities

Purchased items for myself or my household


Purchased items included in Prime Day deals


Purchased gifts for non-holiday occasions


Purchased back-to-school items


Browsed deals/specials


Purchased items I usually purchase on Amazon


Purchased gifts for the holidays


*Source: Numerator 2021 Prime Day Survey

Percentage of Past Prime Day Shopped















*Source: Numerator 2021 Prime Day Survey

What to Get on Prime Day?

We will recommend you make a Wishlist before the prime day starts to grab products instantly and easily. If we look into the stats of Prime day 2021 then the best categories to shop for are Consumer electronics, Apparel & Shoes, and Health & Beauty. These were the most purchased categories of prime day 2021. You only need to look around for the best deals and they can be found in any category. So, don’t rely on a single category or last year's stats. Dig deeper to extract the best discounts on this prime day 2021. We will keep posting about the best deals during the prime day sale event. Stay tuned to our Sales event category and blogs to find the best easily.

What are the best deals on Amazon Prime Day?

The Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day 2021 were: 

  • TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds $24 (was $50)
  • Inn sky Air Fryer $76 (was $160)
  • Shark AV911S EZ Robot $349 (was $499)

We can’t talk about the best deals on Amazon Prime day 2022 yet but we can talk about the pre-deals featured by Amazon in the Prime day section.

Deals of Amazon Brands

Amazon is giving huge discounts on the products manufactured by Amazon. You can save some good bucks on the products mentioned below:





Amazon Fire TV


$260 OFF

Insignia 32-inch HD LED Smart Fire TV


44% OFF

Toshiba M550 TV Series


Up to $700 OFF

Luna Gaming Controller


$21 OFF

Fire TV Stick


37% OFF

Hisense Fire TV


$130 OFF

Fire TV Cube


41% OFF

Amazon Halo Band


55% OFF

Echo Frames


$150 OFF

Amazon Glow with Tangram Bits


$179.99 OFF

Fire TV Recast (500 GB)


32% OFF

Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)


25% OFF

Men & Women Fashion


Up to 66% OFF

Kids & Baby Clothing


Up to 15% OFF

Fitness Essentials


Up to 15% OFF

Men & Women’s Shoes

Shoes & Accessories

Up to 56% OFF

We have not mentioned all deals featured by Amazon. You can click here to look at all available deals.To avail deals mentioned above, subscribe to Amazon Prime for free. If you are already Amazon Prime member then check out the deals listed above.

Prime Day Early Deals

We have mentioned above prime day early deals of Amazon-related brands only. Let's talk about early prime day deals related to other brands excluding the Amazon brands. By looking into the other brands, we can dig deeper into other categories like home & kitchen, Beauty, and many more.

Amazon Prime Early Home Deals

If you are looking to upgrade your home essentials like curtains, vacuums, bed sheets, decoration items, and other products related to home essentials, the early prime day deals will help you upgrade while saving some extra bucks.

Amazon Prime Early Kitchen Deals

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen products like cookers, air fryers, microwaves, and other products related to the kitchen, the early prime day deals will help you upgrade while saving some extra bucks.

School and Colleges Deals

It is the right time to upgrade your school and college accessories & products. Amazon has featured products related to sleeping, cleaning, air purifiers, Bluetooth speakers, portable speakers, robot vacuum cleaners, shavers, storage, and many other items. All the products listed under the school and college deals will enhance your sleeping, cleaning, and learning process. We are listing some of these deals below, but you can look into the deals section for more school and college deals.

Explore More to get $10

Prime Stamp cards

You can visit the Amazon prime day deals page to look into the active deals by Amazon. You will find different types of deals around the page, and these deals will help you save a lot of money.You can get a $10 credit by exploring the Amazon Prime stamp cards. All you need to do is gather all 4 prime stamp cards to get a $10 reward.

What are Prime Stamp Cards?

Amazon Prime members are on the priority list of Amazon to receive exclusive benefits and discounts. The prime stamp cards are divided into 4 sections:

  • Prime-eligible Purchase
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Reading
Prime-Eligible Purchase Stamp Card

It is a stamp to make prime purchases eligible. All you need to do is to take benefit of Prime shipping by purchasing any eligible product of at least $5 to be eligible to receive the reward.

Prime Video Stamp Card

You can choose any video available on Prime videos and stream it. Once streaming has started, the stamp card will be visible within 48 hours, and you will be able to complete another step to reach the reward.

Prime Music Stamp Card

One of the most accessible prime stamp cards it is. Just choose any music available on Prime music to collect this stamp card.

Prime Reading Stamp Card

It is stamped for people who enjoy reading the most and tend to increase their knowledge in all aspects of life. Reading itself is one of the best ways to become a knowledgeable human being. You need to choose any title from Prime reading or Kindle unlimited. Once selected, you must read it to get the Prime Reading stamp card.

How to participate in the promotion?

It is essential to understand the terms and conditions of each promotion to collect the reward. Just read the steps below to participate in the Amazon prime day stamp card promotion.

  • To be part of the promotion, click “Active your Stamp Card.”
  • You will receive each stamp after the completion of each activity.
  • Once all activities are completed, you will receive a $10 credit in your prime account.
What is the Prime Stamp card promotion period?

The Amazon prime day promotion of Stamp cards will start at 1:00 ET on June 16, 2022, till 23:59 ET on July 13, 2022. You can set your calendar as part of the promotions and prime day 2022.

Amazon Prime Stamp Cards

Let Alexa Shop for you on Prime Day 2022

If you are unsure about your availability during the prime day of 2022, then the best option is to let Alexa shop for you. Amazon has introduced this feature only for prime members. It is effortless to let Alexa do the shopping for you. All you need to do is make a Wishlist or add your desired products into the cart on your Alexa device into the Amazon app.

Alexa will notify you 24 hours before the deals go live. When you see a yellow ring light, you need to ask Alexa about your notifications. Then you can notify Alexa about purchasing the product or notify you once the deal is live.

During the Amazon prime day, Alexa will keep notifying you about the deals going live, and if you want to purchase any deal, ask Alexa to do it. The payment will be deducted from your primary payment method, added to the Amazon account, and delivered to your default delivery address.

Earn Over $60 on Amazon Prime Day

Earn Over $60 on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is listing a lot of deals and discounts for Prime day 2022. These prime day deals and offers are only for Amazon prime members. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, try Amazon Prime - “Free for 30 days”. You can earn rewards of over $60 during the prime day by trying different promotions featured by Amazon.

The promotions will be live once the Prime day starts. You can get a reward of $5 for purchasing lightyear ticket or merch, get $20 after purchasing P&G products worth $75 on Amazon and more.

Unlock the Rewards - Prime Day Promotions.

Get $5 on Lightyear

This offer is only for prime members. This Prime day promotion is especially for movie lovers. If you purchase a movie ticket or lightyear merch, you will get a $5 credit. If you purchase both items, you will get $10 as a credit in your account.

The offer will get live on July 12 at 12:00 AM (PT) till July 13 at 11:59 PM (PT).

Get a $5 Reward

Prime-Exclusive Coupons

Amazon has also featured Prime-exclusive coupons on the amazon prime day page. You will find coupons for all categories, which are exclusive only to Amazon Prime members. Prime membership is important to be part of every exclusive event on the Amazon website. These exclusive coupons are easy to use. They are automatically applied during checkout. We have mentioned below some exclusive coupons. To look for more coupons, visit Prime-exclusive coupons.


Visit Prime-exclusive Coupons Page


Show me the Deals

Amazon has featured a separate section of “Show me the Deals” on the Amazon prime day 2022 landing page. You can find all daily deals in this section. You can grab products from various categories by selecting each type individually.Amazon Prime members can be a part of the exclusive deals in this section. These deals are for limited users and periods but are updated daily to keep customers entertained.Once you click on “Show me the Deals,” you will witness some great deals, and even you can see the upcoming, lightning, top, and best deals. We have listed below some of the deals related to deal type.

Top Deals

Top Deals - Amazon Prime Day

Insignia 4K Smart Fire TVs

Up to $170 off

Nouhaus Home Office Desk Chairs and Sofas & Couches

Up to $360 off

Muscle Massage Gun

Up to 46% off

Ring Alarm Pro and Alarm (2nd Gen)

Up to $140 off

MAGCOMSEN men's and women's Polos

$19.98 and under

Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals - Amazon Prime Day

Smart Power Strip

Up to 21% off

TubShroom Bath Tub Drain Protector

Up to 32% off

Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Up to 15% off

SUNNYTEX Waterproof & Reversible Dog Bed Cover

Up to 15% off

2 Pack Boob Tape

Up to 24% off

*Lightening deals are for acting on a timer or for a specific number of users

Best Deals

Best Deals - Amazon Prime Day

Crystal Hair Eraser

Up to 18% off

PROY Cycling Sunglasses

Up to 44% off

Vhger Dog Whistle

Up to 25% off

Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

Up to 15% off

Earbuds Mini Headphones

Up to 47% off

Small Business Sweepstakes

You can earn rewards by shopping with small businesses on Amazon. It is a section to support the small business during the prime day, and by supporting small businesses, participants can earn rewards & prizes.This prime day 2022 promotion will start on June 21, 2022, and end on July 11, 2022. There is no restriction in this promotion related to purchasing. You can purchase even a $1 product to register your entry in the prize list. You can make the maximum purchase of $1500 in this promotion and can win big rewards.

Support Small Business - Win Big Prizes

Save Up to 60% on Amazon Devices

Save Up to 60% on Amazon Devices - Amazon Prime Day

You can save up to 60% on Amazon devices by visiting the Prime Day section on Amazon’s Website. Amazon has featured deals on devices compatible with Alexa to make your life easier and simpler.

You can find Amazon devices related to these categories:

  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming
  • Tablets
  • Smart Speaker
  • Smart Screens
  • Kindle
  • Home Security
  • Wearables
  • Kids Devices
  • Accessories


Echo Dot (4th Gen)

You can save $30 on the Echo dot as Amazon offers 60% Off to Prime members. Echo Dot has a sleek design and is famous for its smart, powerful speakers. It is a compact device and can fit into small spaces easily. It is controllable by voice command by the most famous AI of voice command, ALEXA. Echo Dot is a reliable device that makes your life easier and smart.

Prime Day Deal - Echo Dot (4th Dot)

Fire 7 Kids Tablets

In this deal, you can save $50 on Fire 7 kids tablets for different ages. These tablets are manufactured for kids to enhance their learning, gaming and knowledge experience.Amazon has introduced Fire 7 kids tablet with a parenting control feature making it easy for parents to plan educational goals, filter content, and create time limits. Overall, it is an excellent device for kids to watch cartoons, learn different things, and stream according to their age.

Prime Day Deal - Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Amazon Halo View & Halo Band

In this deal, you can save up to 55% Off on various Amazon Halo views and Halo bands. Amazon Halo view & Halo bands are fitness tracker devices. They keep track of your footsteps, Heart rate, Activity points, Blood oxygen level, and Sleep score.You can also connect the Halo band with Alexa to keep track of all your activities. Overall, it is an excellent device for measuring your health & fitness.

Prime Day Deal - Amazon Halo view and Halo band


These are only a few deals in this article to help you understand the deals and discounts offered on pre-Prime day deals 2022. You can go through Amazon Devices Deals to save some extra bucks and enhance your living experience.Amazon has already announced the Amazon Prime Day 2022 official date. The Prime day 2022 will be live on 12-13 July. Be prepared before Prime day 2022 is live. Make a Wishlist of products to purchase during Prime Day 2022. Set reminders or ask Alexa to do the shopping on your behalf. It is the biggest sales event of the summer season, so try not to miss out on the exclusive deals.

Be part of Amazon Prime Day 2022 by subscribing to Amazon Prime Subscription (If you are not a Prime member). We will keep posting about deals and promotions featured during Prime Day 2022 to keep our users updated. Just read blogs related to Amazon Prime day 2022, and you can save good money while getting the best deals featured during Amazon Prime Day 2022.In our Amazon Prime Day 2022 blogs, you will find all deals and promotions listed by Amazon. The pre-deals are already showing great discounts, and the Amazon prime day promotions will be live once Prime day 2022 starts.

Stay Tuned for the Prime Day 2022 Event!!!


Go through Amazon categories to enjoy the early Prime Day Deals of 2022.

Best Sellers of Amazon Prime 2021

Top Selling Categories of Amazon Prime 2021

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