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Dell Precision 5560 Review

Dell Precision 5560

If you are searching for the best Windows laptops, you should go for the Dell brand. Their after-sales and the technical rate are flattering, and user" worldwide appreciates them.Dell's every laptop is very budget-friendly, and its design and hardware processors are compelling in working and talking about its most demanding laptop, the  Dell Precision 17 7730 and Dell precision 5560.


Table of Content
  1. In the laptop box
  2. A true workstation gadget
  3. Physical structure
  4. Compactness in the body
  5. Startling volume from speakers
  6. Qualities worth seeing
  7. Touching pad
  9. Showing images from different angles
  10. Screen refreshing rate
  11. Display specs
  12. Black regularity
  13. Reliability in service
  14. Buttons pad (keyboard)
  15. Resolution and mic
  16. USB ports
  17. Flicker-free
  18. Color scale
  19. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  20. Battery capacity
  21. Usable capacity (storage)
  22. Dedicated GPUs
  23. The exceptional storage drive
  24. Poor borderlands 3
  25. Executing CPU R23
  26. Updates about the operating system
  27. Extra feature
  28. Why dell precision 5560 is so expensive?
  29. Is Dell precision5560 worth buying?


In The Laptop Box

  • The dell precision 5560
  • 13 W USB-C cord and power adapter
  • USB-C to HDMI/USB-A adapter
  • Separate documentation

A True Workstation Gadget

It carries independent software vendors (ISV) authorization for many specific applications. It is best to choose between 2D and 3D light computer-aided design (CAD) instead of virtual reality, data science, or 3D rendering, as shown in 7560. It is a little easier to carry as it only weighs 4.3pounds, and MAX RAM is 64GB, not 12GB. The processor speed has an inevitable value of 2. 5GHz.Dell base model 5560 costs $1839 but has only an Intel core i5 and low IG.

Physical structure

The structural design is attired in aluminum and magnesium alloy, and model 5560 measures 0.73 by13.6 by9.1 inches, making it shapelier but a bit heavier than HP ZBook. The keyboard deck is made up of carbon fiber. This laptop is built in perfect quality, more solid, and sturdy, protecting the finishing area from any scratches or prints of fingers. There are no apparent flaws in the laptop's construction, but flex is seen in the display.

Firefly 15G8. It has better hinges. They feel very smooth while opening and closing the lid. They had excellent stability causing no wobbliness at all. You can easily open the laptop using one hand, a good quality feature that makes this device more premium.

Compactness in the body

The dell precision 5560 is sleek and relatively light in the body, making it easier to carry around. The power adapter is colossal but more miniature in weight resulting in an even distribution of the weight.

  1. Weight:
  2. Thickness: 1.9cm
  3. Depth:23.0cm
  4. Charger size:11.3 in3
  5. Charger weight:0.5kg
  6. Width:34.4cm
  7. Volume: 91.7 in3

Startling Volume From Speakers

Its side slit exceptional speakers urge a clear and loud sound, surprisingly having a solid bass and zero distortion occurrence even at its high-volume limit. This model makes it simple for overlapping tracks.The speakers get very flamboyant with just minimal density at max volume; somehow, there is distortion when the volume exceeds 50%, causing buzzing and rattling sounds. The maximum volume is around 81 Db SPL.

Qualities Worth Seeing

Not only USB portals, but it also gives an SD card slot, security lock on the left side, and audio jack on the laptop's right. This model allows wireless connection of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too.This laptop screen is touched but doesn't have the feature OLED display option that XPS15 gives, so if you are willing to have a 2400 touch screen, then precision 5560 is worthy. The panel, which is a high-resolution controller deals with eccentric contrasts and brightness (about 500 nits), respectively.

Touching pad

The touching pad is vast and taps smoothly, it took just a short second to click any button, and with sampling, the amount hovered between 140Hz and 150Hz. The touching pad is materialistically made up of glass, having a tracking quality of 9.5. Many ISV applications use the middle button. Dell laptops don't give the keyboard pointing stick like Lenovo and HP. The single click doesn't mainly make you feel satisfied, but the most up is clicking anywhere on the touchpad. Sometimes, if you double-click, the screen gets stuck, but in dell precision 5560, it doesn't result in any issue, even with palm detection.


The dell precision 5560 laptop has a better perspective of handling reflections. Its matte coating can diffuse the intensity of light, reduction in brightness, and direct reflection just like a room lamp. If you view light color content, there is no issue with the screen at maximum brightness, but they can be a distraction if viewing dark content.

Showing images From Different Angles

The direction of pictures or any other content can be viewed horizontally in direction. The image accuracy is maintained until you reach a steep angle from left to right. It will be easy for you to share the screen with anyone else, even the color critical work if the particular person is not far from the screen.

Brightness loss from left and right: 34°

Increase in black level from left and right:60°

The vertically viewing angles of the laptop are just fine. The accuracy of the image is low when watching the screen from slightly moving above or below, and it becomes difficult to tilt the screen to your liking due to space when traveling on an airplane or bus. So better keep the screen appropriately for viewing the perfect image.

 Brightness loss from below and above: 28°

 Increase in black level from below and above:45°

Screen Refreshing Rate

The dell 5560 display has a refreshing elementary rate; the response phase is slow, causing a noticeable buffering typically of best-focused laptops.The display rate is so invariable that it becomes difficult to reduce screen tearing when playing games, so it is a minimum choice for people to choose dell precision 5560 for fast-moving content and gaming purposes, and it has the same rate of refreshing of the screen and advertised retort time. 

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Display specs

The dell precision 5560 has a configuration value of 1080p IPS or 4000 IPS display. It is more precisely 3840 x 2400 and 1920 x 1200 making both panels have an expected ratio of 16:10, giving you the most vertical space so that you don't need to scroll down your content like any document or website while using the laptop. The 1080p display of the screen size is sharp enough, but you can enjoy individual pixels staying close enough.The significant screen is sharper but drains the battery much fastly and has no option of the touchscreen. The pixel density is 145 PPI.

Black Regularity

Dell Inspiron 5560 - Black Regularity

This feature of dell precision 5560 is excellent. The black uniformity is a little adjustable, but if you want to take a look, then it may become harder to notice it. The regularity of the black screen is only visible when viewing dark content in a dark setting.

Having a monitor with a better black uniformity is beneficial in watching movies and playing games, especially when it is dark in space. It varies from the unit due to infatuating manufacturing causing a backlight bleed and is shared only in IPS panels. Somehow you can expect the screen to remain reasonably alike.

Reliability in Service

 Dell Precision 5560 - Reliability in service

The reliability of dell 5560 is exemplary, and it is easier to gain access to the internals quickly. For this, you only need to remove eight T5 Torx screws and take out the bottom panel. After opening the system, replacing or changing the battery, memory, and storage device will be easier.  

Those models with 8GB RAM have a single memory module consecutively working in single-channel mode. The serviceability it allows is manual here. The manufacturer's warranty can be negated after changing the hardware in the laptop. There are two slots of RAM and storage in there. The feature of a replaceable battery is present, but no chance of replacing the wireless adapter.

Buttons Pad (keyboard)

The keyboard of dell precision 5560 is excellent and the finest. It has a reasonably standard layout that is easy to adapt and understand. The buttons pad is commodious of many keys. While working on the laptop, using the keyboard doesn't feel tiring and is relatively quiet and doesn't bother others, ensuing in a no-sound environment.

The keycaps are covered with plastic and feel more high quality, and every key is pretty steady. You can easily clasp it among two hind light brightness levels or whirl it off using the F5 key. The keyboard size is 19.05mm, and it has many shortcuts. To perform secondary functions, press Fn and the desired key.

Resolution and Mic

The resolution of the webcam is 720p and has no privacy shutters, captures the pictures free of noise or traffic, and is reasonably better-lit. Optimizer of the Dell 5560 comprises a faux 3D audio switch and conference call settings for a quiet and noisy room, an office, or multiple distortions.The mediocre webcam captures images of unexposed and slightly soft washed-out quality.

The microphone is so overwhelming that the voices that come across are nearly transparent and loud, but still, there is a lot of distortion and static behind the background. The quality of the voice is 6.0, and it also gives the face unlocking feature.

USB Ports

Dell Precision 5560 - USB Ports

Dell precision 5560 stints on ports having three USB Type-C ports –two thunderbolt 4ports on the left side of the laptop while one USB-C 3.2 port on the right. The AC adapter has a USB-C connector, and dell gives a tiny USB-C dongle with a USB Type-A port.The laptop can be charged via any of the three USB-C ports. There is a security lock available too. So the port selection area of Dell precision 5560 is just okay.


The dell precision 5560 laptop has a flicker-free feature on display, which helps you reduce eye strain if you are sensitive to flickering. The activeness of flicker is below 0%.

Color Scale

This laptop has a brilliant color gamut. It has excellent coverage of more expansive color spaces like Adobe RGB and DCI P3 but is not okay for the color-critical slog. The color space s-RGB is fully covered in dell precision 5560.If you require a wider color gamut, it is advertised to have 100% Adobe RGB coverage and 94% DCI P3 on a 4k screen display.

Random Access Memory

You can easily find out the amount of GBs dell precision 5560 offers which are more expansive in range. Such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. You can only access ECC (Error Correction Code) memory on the models fortified with an Intel Core Xeon W-11955M CPU.It depends on whether you want to choose non-ECC memory or ECC memory for your laptop. ECC RAM is a form of memory originating in different servers and workstations. To avoid any data exploitation, ECC memory checks and correct it and provides stability to the system. The laptop, which has 8GB of memory, works in a single-channel mode, but the rest memories give dual-channel mode.

Battery capacity

The range of a battery of dell precision 5560 is better and decent. Its capacity is 86 Wh, and battery life is 8.7 hours, and it only takes 1.9 hours to charge the battery. The battery lasts long enough, depending on the load of your work. You might need to plug your laptop for quick charging in case of more work.Video playback consumes a small range of power but not more than the battery life a web browsing needs. You can enjoy your full-length movies without taking the stress of charging your laptop. For video editing and gaming, you might need to plug in your charger for completion as such applications drain the battery very quickly.Models which have a 4k display screen have a much shorter battery range. In the end, the battery life depends on how much time we spend using it, and of course, laptop configuration also matters.

Usable Capacity (Storage)

If you are willing to buy dell precision 5560, it is essential to configure its storage. 256GB,512GB,1TB, or 2TB of storage is advertised in this model. Although the dell specification indication related to the storage slot is a mere point that it supports an M.2230, the laptop is indulged with a slower PCle Gen 3x4 SSD instead.

Dedicated GPUs

The dell precision 5560 is branded with NVIDIA, and the keen GPUs it shows are Quadro T1200 4GB GDDR6 and RTXA2000 4GB GDDR6. It is considered that RTXA2000 works 20% to 40% faster than Quadro T1200, depending on the workload it consumes. Considerably heavy computational workloads can be upgraded because of Al Tenor cores and ray-tracing support. These GPUs have become the source of 3D modeling and graphic designing.

The Exceptional Storage Drives

This model of dell has an outstanding beyond words storage drive. It can speedily read and write, allowing the system to work more efficiently and handle the time for booting up, transferring files, and launching the application.If you replace PCIe Gen 3 SSD with PCIe GEN 4 SSD, your storage drive will be faster and faster. The speed of SSD may vary on the size. However, larger SSD performs better.

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Poor Borderlands 3

This model has the poor running of borderland 3. The game is very jerky at high settings, but at low settings, the game becomes smoother, shuttering at times. Only those models with NVIDIA RTX A 2000 will work brilliantly. Still, you will have to reduce the setting to receive an average of 65fps.

Executing CPU R23

This laptop's Intel core i7-11800H CPU works extravagantly well in cine-bench R23, making it perfect for rendering and executing other tasks. The i5-15000H will work slower because of its slighter core count. Only i7-1185H will perform superiorly better. Mediocre thermal and noisy fans.

The dell precision 5560 has an average thermal and noise handling condition. In an idle state, the deck of keypads is a little warm, and there is no noise from fans. The fan significantly remains quiet and doesn't distract you under load. With usage time, the keyboard eventually gets hot. The hottest spot you will feel is the middle. The button also gets warm, but it does not cause discomfort while putting the laptop on the lap.

Updates About the Operating System

The software in the dell precision 5560 is windows ten, and there is also the option of any additional software.

  • DDD (Dell Digital Delivery) allows you to download new software applications acquired from dell.
  • DCU (Dell Command Update) is an application that authorizes any diver, updates, BIOS, or firmware.
  • Disney+ app is used for streaming videos online.
  • Support Access Recovery Assistant lets you regain the files from a prior backup if you lose them.
  • Support Assist is used for scanning the hardware issues and drivers, cleaning files, optimizing performance, and accessing system history.

Extra Feature

The dell precision 5560 has an innocuous fingerprint sensor. You will find it while clicking the power button.It also has a window hello well-suited IR camera. You can either use it to log in by allowing procurements on the windows store or auto-fill the passwords save on any of the websites. There is no touch pen and RGB illumination. 

Why Dell Precision 5560 is so Expensive?

Dell Precision has become the ultimate choice for a better laptop for many people in different sectors like students, office workers, retailers, etc. It is because of its good battery life, sturdiness, productivity, security features, excellent performance, and warranty of years.

  • Performance

The dell precision 5560 is one of those laptops that has received acknowledgment in markets and on many other online websites. It is highly efficient in productivity and connectivity and has been priced higher for its brilliant capabilities and qualities.

However, not every laptop device has many ports and even the option of a wireless connectivity feature, but dell precision 5560 offers it. Using the Bluetooth feature, it has now become even easier to connect your phone internet in case of the unavailability of Wi-Fi. The more features you want, the higher the laptop's price.

  • Period of Warranty

The warranty period of dell precision 5560 is longer than 2 to 5 years. Dell offers different solutions for changing any part that can be replaced after it stops working because a warranty card allows such reliability in redoing the service of the laptop.This laptop is advanced, powerful, and relatively fully rugged, so it is not budget-friendly.

  • In comparison with other laptops

The workstation of the dell precision 5560 is excellent just because it gives outstanding features in terms of its thin and delicate design as well as its essential quality of touchpad and keypad. However, there are now many new laptops made with more powerful working CPUs, and GPUs like this laptop has. The dell precision 5560 is better than Apple MacBook pro16 because it is an innovative device with more dominant intel 11th Gen CPUs and dedicated GPUs.

The comfortable keyboard, memory, and storage drives are user useable that can be replaced, which you cannot do on this MacBook pro-16. So, dell is a sleeker and more portable device that offers its user a better experience than any other laptop.

Is Dell Precision 5560 Worth Buying?

This model of Dells strikes a good steadiness between its portability and enactment. It is comfortable to be carried around due to its powerful processor and software programs. It has become worth buying laptops for many professionals because they are lightweight and can be carried anywhere worldwide.Since the introduction of this laptop, it has advanced in every aspect of its feature, became superior in performance and sustainability, has a great display and high durability, sleek screen, and will be easy for after-sale support. It has been designed in such a way as to meet the satisfaction and enhance the importance of work for its users. So, yes, dell precision 5560 is worth buying, having the unique functional design and performance.

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