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Dell Precision 17 7730

You are in the right place if you are looking for Dell Precision 17 7730 laptop feedback, which is the best of all in the precision series. This new powerful workstation laptop has plenty of power performance, turning it into one of the largest designated machines.

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High Performance High priced Laptop
Powerful Graphics Average Battery life
Smooth Keyboard Heavyweight Laptop
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Table of Content
  1. Specs of Dell Precision 7730
  2. Screen resolution
  3. Performance
  4. Webcam
  5. Audio feedback
  6. Battery life
  7. Durability and reliability
  8. USB Ports
  9. Emission of noise
  10. Heat
  11. Response time
  12. Screen flickering
  13. Angles observing
  14. Connectivity
  15. Warranty


Specs of Dell Precision 7730

The precision 7730 has many other configurations, such as the Dell Precision 7730 Xeon and Dell precision 7730 i9. Now, explaining its specs briefly here:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8850H
  • Storage: Samsung SSD PM 981,512GB
  • Weight: 3.347kg, power supply 788g
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150(4GB GDDR5)
  • Screen: 17.3 inch, Full HD display(1920x1080) IPS
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Price: $3,019
  • Ram: 32GB, RAM upgrade to 64GB

Screen resolution

The Dell precision 7730 offers a display size of 17 inches. So, you will enjoy the theater-like view from this screen. The sharply lighted 4k panel is emulsified with vivid and rich colors, covering 100% of NTSC. The display is not good at viewing through different angles, causing awful color reproduction but still, the display options have matte finishes.

If you are looking at the screen for a prolonged period, it is not dangerous because Dell precision 7730 does not use PWM (pulse width modulation) to regulate the brightness. The brightness distribution is great, but big areas of identical colors don't look illuminating. It has a full HD option, allowing a high brightness range of at least 316cd/m2.The screen size of 17inch in a laptop is a good size and is nest option for people that prefer gaming or use high end applications for editing purposes or even for business purpose.

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The Dell Precision 17-7730 is itself a self-starter of performance armed with an Intel core i9-8950HK CPU and32 GB of RAM. It is saddled with 30 Microsoft edge tabs, out of which four will play video applications, e.g., YouTube while resting, and two will stream Fortnite on twitch.

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The webcam result of the laptop is like, wow! The 720p lens captures every clad detail. The pictures are not too bright, and the color production looks mocking. If you are working in a dimly lighted office, the color effects are very saturated sometimes (reconsider it as a negative feed).

Audio feedback

The Dell precision 7730 has better speakers than any other laptop in the precision series. The audio speakers produce comparatively at equilibrium. Although the volume could be a little higher, speakers are much louder. If you need to use the audio for your work or just want to play music optionally, this system's audio is well above average and decent. The sound production is of high quality if the laptop is under use for business or professional sphere purposes.

Battery life

Every workstation gadget has at least 90 Wh batteries, and the battery feedback is the same in this laptop. The battery will not stay any longer, and there will be a need to charge for extra hours. Just after 5:35 hours, the laptop will again need recharging. The running time is not very surprising, making it simply higher in power consumption.

You might have a question: why will a laptop have too much power consumption?

The reason is simple, and the Dell precision 7730 has a full HD display, a Core i7-8850H processor, and a Quadro P3200 GPU. These powerful components will significantly increase the usage of the laptop but battery usage can be restriceted within the settings.

Durability and reliability

The precision 7730 workstation is very effective and has been verified to be MIL-STD-810G, due to which its durability is assured. This verification was done after vindicating the extreme temperature, dirt, high altitudes, and shock and drop tests. The features of dell 7730 and how it is designed, the physical structure is delicate and steady, turning the laptop into a perfect reliable gadget.

USB Ports

The Dell precision 17-7730 also has the ports area around the laptop. These conveniently located ports are five in number: USB 3.1 GEN Type-A ports with power share, noble wedge lock slot and HDMI 2.0. You will find two thunderbolts, 3 Type-C ports, and a Smart Card Reader. Also, headset port 1.4, mini display port 1.4, Ethernet port, and cable dork support are present on the side of the laptop.

Emission of noise

This laptop has two fans that remain silent when the system is idle. While using it at a quiet pace, the noise caused by the fans will make you feel irritated. The maximum noise fans erupt 44.2Db under a balanced workload. But this noise will sound loud to those who are either present or passing by.


As I mentioned above, the fans' noise is not related to thermal management. Surface heat can reach 60°C on some areas of the laptop. Well, if Dell has designed laptops to place on your lap, then they should have lowered the surface temperature. Likewise, in my opinion, more variants of the laptops will get even hotter, perhaps even more dangerous too. So, the temperature is elevated beyond the decision boundary. On verifying the coolness of the laptop, we came to know that the temperature was maintained at 83 degrees on the touching pad and the keyboard warmed up to 96degree. The vent increased to a troubling 110 degrees.

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Response time

The Display response phase tells us how quickly the screen can alter from one color to the next, so Dell precision 7730 has an actual response rate and is satisfactory for game players.

  • black to white: 32.8ms
  • 50% gray to 80% gray: 48.8ms

Screen flickering

Screen flickering is Pulse-width modulation in which laptops will cycle backlight on and off in a swift chain. This cycling regularity should be undetectable to the human eye ideally. If the regularity is too low, the users will feel headaches, strain, and flickering.

Angles observing

The IPS panels give satisfactory viewing of angles. The display observes a different blooming effect that may affect many IPS panels, causing a slender color cast at acute angles, reducing readability in daily life.


The connectivity which Dell precision 17-7730 allows is the wireless connection through 802.11ac. The Wi-Fi is invigorated with the optional 4G LTE modem, having only the sockets, not the antennas. The option of Bluetooth is also available on the laptop. You will find Bluetooth 5 in the setting area. 


The dell precision 7730 has a warranty of around three-year, upgradable to five years with on-website refurbishment aid.

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