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Google Pixelbook 12-inch Review

The Google Pixelbook 12in is ultra-portable. The Chromebooks are making their way back into trends with their unique compact design. Chromebooks are faster and more efficient than other laptops and PCs.

Google Pixelbook 12in


Pro’s Con’s
4 in 1 Design Not Suitable for High-end Applications
Smooth and Backlit Keyboard Only USB-C port connectivity option
High-Performance Chromebook -
Lightweight -


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Table of Content
  1. Design
  2. Ports
  3. Keyboard & Trackpad
  4. Display
  5. Storage & Memory
  6. Processor & Graphics
  7. Battery Life & Audio
  8. Gaming Capabilities
  9. Webcam
  10. Our Verdict


The PixelBook 12in has a 4-in-1 design with a sleek aluminum body. The google pixel book 12inch can easily be used as a laptop, tablet, entertainment mode, and tent. It comes up with a multitouch display, which is the significant difference between the google pixel book & other full-touch notebooks. The measurement of the google pixel book (12in) is 290.4mm long x 220.8mm wide, and the thickness is 0.44 inch. The weight of this Chromebook is 2.45lb, and it is a lightweight Chromebook. It is easy to carry around to perform daily tasks. It is even lighter than the Macbook air available on the market.


 Google Pixelbook 12in - ports

The Chromebook has two USB Type-C ports and a 3.5mm headset jack. However, Chromebooks have more port connectivity options because of their larger side panels. The wireless connectivity comes up with integrated Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

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Keyboard & Trackpad

Google Pixelbook 12in - keyboard

It has a full-size keyboard with 19mm pitch and googles assistance keys. The keyboard provides a smooth feel, and the keys come backlit. It is a perfect keyboard for length typing work. The google pixel book 12inches has a broader keyboard than the other Chromebooks. The trackpad is all glass-covered supporting multi-touch gestures and an edge-to-edge trackpad.


The Chromebooks had a display resolution of 1080p, then the google pixelbook 12in was launched with a display resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. The first ever Chromebook offering an efficient display. The Google Pixel book 12inch has a stunning display of a 12.3inch screen with vivid colors, making 4k resolution videos crystal clear. The multi-touch-enabled screen is considered top of the line. Though this feature is already available in the older versions, the pixel book 12it is compatible with entertainment modes like android apps, etc. The regular usage of Pixel book 12in the display is accurate in its touch detection and has little chance of any mistake. Overall, it will provide users with a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Storage & Memory

The Google Chromebook is introduced in three storage options, 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. The 128GB is considered the base storage provided in the google pixel book but is upgradeable up to 512GB depending on your usage and storage preference. NVMe storage is used in the pixel book 12in and is considered slightly faster than SSD storage.

The system comes up with 8GB and 16GB of memory. It can efficiently perform multitasking on Chrome OS, and you can upgrade the memory according to your usage. You can look for the different storage and memory options for the google pixel book below to select accordingly.

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Processor & Graphics

It is equipped with a 3.30 GHz 7th gen intel core i5 & i7 processor and is fast enough to perform routine tasks efficiently. These processors are best for gaming and quicker browsing. It is integrated with an Intel UHD 615 GPU. The UHD 615 GPU can efficiently run the top ten thousand pc games and is a perfect combination with the processor used.

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Battery Life & Audio

The Google PixelBook has a battery life of up to 10 hours. It is a 41 Whr battery and is charged by a 45-watt charger. The best thing related to this Chromebook is that it supports fast charging. The pixel book can charge for up to 2 hours within 15 mins and has a battery life of approx. 7.5 hours within 60 minutes. It has an average battery life, can cope with daily tasks, and can be carried around anywhere. The Google PixelBook(12in) failed in the audio quality. They lack bass but quickly play loud music to cheer up an auditorium.

Gaming Capabilities

The google pixel book 12in is a capable gaming device. The graphic card integrated into this Chromebook is Intel UHD 615, it can easily support up to 31% of the top ten thousand games, and 2% to 3% of the games can be played on their latest version too. It has a 7th-generation processor and an Intel HD 615 le. It is considered to be an average gaming laptop in the Chromebook category. While supporting 4k resolution, you will have a smooth gaming experience.


The pixel book 12inches was unable to meet the expectations of its user in the webcam quality. The webcam used in the Chromebook is only 0.9 megapixels, and it is not suitable for people, who tend to attend meetings online.

Our Verdict

The  PixelBook 12in stands out in the category of Chromebooks. No other Chromebook meets the performance and style of the pixel book 12inches; it is easy compared with the significant windows and macOS laptops. There are a few drawbacks of the pixel book 12, like lousy audio quality, webcam quality, and high price. The price is only considered high compared to the Chromebook category; once compared with the windows & macOS laptops, it is relatively cheaper than them. It is one of the top representatives of the Chrome-OS laptops in the market.

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