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After the global pandemic, life is getting normal again along with hectic routines. The best thing we all have learned from the global pandemic is that we should take care of our health and hygiene. Everyone should prioritize health before anything, after facing a haunting pandemic.

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The best practice to stay healthy and fit is to do exercise. We believe that fitness is the first step towards success. If you are not fit, you won’t be able to achieve your goals smoothly. Exercise even helps the mind relax and drain the frustration out of you. There are four types of exercises:

  1. Strength
  2. Balance
  3. Endurance
  4. Flexibility


We will start with the Strength type. The best exercise for strength & fitness is squats. Squats help you burn calories and strengthen your ligaments around legs, bones & tenders. Squats can be performed at home and the gym, depending on your schedule.

We have listed below some best equipment for squats to help you stay healthy and fit. Our main motive is to spread awareness for Health & Fitness. We prefer to provide every information related to the product like specifications and reviews from authentic users to keep it easy for you to select equipment accordingly.


Squat Equipment for Home

It is not easy for everyone to visit the gym because of their busy schedule. So, we have provided equipment to be used at home to perform squats daily and whenever you want.


Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist

Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist

The store “Sunny Health & Fitness” is the most recommended store by the fitness freaks. In this store, you can grab any product related to fitness. We have selected The Squat Assist for you to perform squats every day to stay healthy and fit. The Squat Assist is a piece of useful equipment and is very convenient too. You can easily store it anywhere in the house, as you can remove a few knobs to compress it. It comes along with an LCD monitor to track your calories, time, scan, and count. It is a piece of very compatible equipment for squats and a few other exercises too, you can easily adjust your seat according to your training level. You can almost perform four different types of exercises on The Squat Assist. If you go for an overview, it is a single piece of equipment with multi-functions and technology to make it smooth for you to stay fit and even track your fitness.


Customer Review (Positive)

  • WOW!! What an unexpected workout.
  • If you're considering this machine even for a flash, it’s seriously worthwhile. Best Buy I’ve had in a while.
  • Easy to place together. Easy to use.
  • Love this piece of kit ...Not only does it work your glutes but also your calves, shoulders, arms, and core.
  • There are costlier versions of this sort of machine, but this gets the work done.
  • Not very difficult to create. Easy storage since it collapses. Can definitely get a full cardio workout and also a leg conditioning workout. I might highly recommend that I really like this thing!!


Customer Review (Negative)

  • Instructions are not clear.


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Leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine

Leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine

The store “Leikefitness” is one of the top recommended stores for Fitness equipment. They have a lineup of various fitness equipment, which can be used at home to maintain fitness and health. This machine is recommended not to be used by beginners, for beginners we recommend Sunny Squat Assist. This machine is suitable for people who perform sissy squats. Sissy squats are a great choice for more strength. It is an extremely versatile machine, which covers many exercises like squats, forward lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, and many more. It is designed to support all kinds of shapes and heights, as it is adjustable. It is very easy to use and is foldable. You can store it anywhere, it only covers a little storage space. It is a multi-functional machine covering exercise which enhances your strength and physical abilities.


Customer Review (Positive)

  • This product is so versatile! I bought it to start out building my home gym and it’s one of the simplest investments I’ve made thus far.
  • I love my new addition to my post-Covid dilemma. So this is often what I even have to mention, the sissy squat option is great for all Heights.
  • This comes 99% assembled right out of the box. You have 1 screw for the rear leg. That's it. The padding is comfortable. Your feet are firmly secure under the foot holder.
  • I’ve been using this machine for 2 months now and I like it.


Customer Review (Negative)

  • Was really hoping this would be more stable.
  • I doubt this would be usable for anyone much taller than 5’8.


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FAQ about Squats


How many types do squats have?

Squat exercise has almost forty variations but the top five types of squat exercises are:

  1. The Bulgarian Split Squat
  2. The Back Squat
  3. The Box Squat
  4. The Goblet Squat
  5. The Front Squat


What are Sissy squats and What are the benefits?

Sissy Squats is a top exercise for building quads, strengthening your core strength, and hip flexors. The benefits of performing sissy squats are that it increases your strength and enhances your balance.


What is Goblet Squat?

It is a very beneficial type of squat. You have to hold a dumbbell in both hands (in front of your chest) and perform squats. While performing a squat, your elbow should come between your knees.


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