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We have extracted some best car vacuums of 2022 for you to keep your car neat and clean. One of the best feelings in the world is when you purchase your dream car. Investing in your car’s cleanliness is as important as investing in your personal hygiene. A neat and clean car portrays the personality of its owner. You can drive with pride in a clean car rather than in a dirty car. We should always take care of our car as it is an important part of our daily routine.

Five things to know before purchasing a Car Vacuum

  1. Size: While purchasing a Car vacuum, size is the top priority. A car vacuum should be comfortable and handy. The size of a Vacuum never determines the power of the vacuum.
  2. Weight: The car vacuum should be a light weighted one. Don’t get tired while cleaning your car.
  3. Connectivity: We would suggest you look for cordless vacuums or one which can easily plug into a 12V socket.
  4. Wet & Dry: While selecting car vacuums you can look for vacuums that can eliminate spilled liquids, dirt, and dust.
  5. Vacuum Filter: The most important part of a Vacuum is its filter. You must look for a good quality filter only.

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THISWORX Portable Car Mini Vacuum Cleaner

THISWORX Portable Car Mini Vacuum Cleaner
This is a high-power portable Mini Vacuum Cleaner with three attachments and small auto accessories for interior detailing. This vacuum is available in black and white color on Amazon. This is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use vacuum for cars and even trucks. The weight of this car vacuum is 2.4lbs only. It is a small device but can clean dust, dirt, or any drive-thru spill in your car. This product is designed to solve problems and contains a fully-loaded car interior detailing kit.

This product comes up with three-piece attachments. The attachments are a carry bag, an extra filter, and a filter brush. It is a powerful car vacuum with a 106w motor and can easily clean any type of dirt from a car’s interior. It can be easily plugged into a 12V socket and with help of a 16-foot cord, you can even easily clean the back seats. If looked at overall it is a compact, strong and reliable car vacuum.

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Armor All Wet/Dry Vacuum

Armor All Wet/Dry Vacuum
This vacuum is considered one of the best vacuums for detailing. It is a convenient size vacuum and can be used in shops, cars, or garages. The handle on the top of the vacuum makes it easy to move the vacuum around while cleaning. The vacuum includes onboard accessories & hose storage and a 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank.

It is a lightweight and portable vacuum with a 10-inch cord, it comes along with many components like a Reusable cloth filter, Foam wet filter, 2 in 1 utility nozzle with brush, Crevice tool, Deluxe car nozzle, Blower nozzle with adapter, and detailing brush. It is overall a vacuum designed to perform any type of cleaning work.

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VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner
It is not a normal Vacuum, you can consider it a revolution in the world of vacuums. This vacuum can perform cleaning and can also inflate a tire. Apart from these things, this vacuum has two essential functions. It has a digital tire pressure LED making it easy for you to read and a built-in LED to provide safety & security while working in the dark.

As an inflator, It has a high-efficiency motor that can inflate a car tire (0psi to 35psi) in 6 minutes. Like a vacuum, it has a strong 5.5Kpa cyclone suction, which can easily pick up dirt and dust. Its HEPA filter is a washable filter and doesn’t require to be changed often. VARSK has high-quality standards, each unit is checked under 50 points of inspection before leaving the factory. Overall, it is a multifunctional vacuum and creates noise under 75 DB.

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Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner

Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner
This is a cordless powerful portable Car Vacuum cleaner. Baseus has designed a high-quality sleek and compact metal body for small vacuum cleaner. This vacuum contains a high-power brushless motor, which provides powerful suction. Suction power is almost equivalent to a vacuum with a cord. This vacuum has a built-in 8000 mAh lithium battery and it can provide constant working for 45 minutes.

The compact and sleek designs make it easy to clean every deep part of the vehicle without facing issues. It is very easy to carry and charge. It can be charged by a USB C cable charger. This vacuum has a double filtration system, which has a removal efficiency of over 99.7% for particles below 0.3 microns. The good news for pet owners is as this vacuum can easily remove pet hairs. No need to change filters often as the filter is washable.

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We have listed below some more vacuums.

Model Type Weight Cord Length
Banaton Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet/Dry 1.94 pounds 5M
ANKO Car Vacuum Wet/Dry 1.44 pounds 15 Feet
BLACK+DECKER Flex Car Vacuum Dry 3.30 pounds 16 feet
Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vacuum Cleaner Dry 6.68 pounds Cordless
BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum Dry 3.00 pounds Cordless
CRAFTSMAN Portable Shop Vacuum Wet/Dry 6.70 pounds 10 Feet


Can I Use My Household Vacuum in My Car?

Yes, you can use your household Vacuum in your car but it is not advised to use a household vacuum in your car. You won’t be able to reach narrow curves of your car for deep cleaning and with time you might damage your car’s interior. It is better to use a Car vacuum to clean your car. Many car vacuums come along with detailing kits. With the help of detailing kits, you can give your car’s interior a fresh look.

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