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Parenting is not an easy thing. Once you have a baby, you have to grab the best things for your baby like diapers, toys, care products, apparel, and many more. The most important task of being a parent is to think about the safety of your baby. When we talk about safety, the first that comes to mind is stairs. As a baby is growing up, it moves freely within the house but with help of baby gates, safety can be assured.

Baby Gates are designed to define boundaries for your baby or toddler, to prevent them from going into harmful areas like the kitchen, stairs, or washrooms. According to statistics, over 90,000 babies under five years old end up in emergency rooms because of stair-related falls.

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Types of Baby Gates

Baby gates act as a barrier between safe and harmful places for your baby or toddler. Fencing for a baby to be safe. Along with the stairs, you also need to restrict your baby from reaching electric sockets, glass-related products, electrical appliances, kitchen, and washrooms. There are wooden, steel, and plastic baby gates available, these materials help at different segments of a house. There are two types of Baby gates, which are recommended to be used.

  1. Pressure Mounted
  2. Hardware Mounted


Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates

These baby gates use an expanding spring system to lock the gate by squeezing into a lock designed or into the wall. Pressure-mounted baby gates are usually made up of plastic and steel material. Pressure-mounted gates are recommended to be used on flat surfaces, mostly like doorways. It is not recommended to use pressure-mounted gates on stairs.


Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

These baby gates are considered to be the best safety gates. These baby gates are safely attached to the wall framing of your house. A bracket is installed in the doorframe or into the frame behind the wall to provide the gate a strong grip, it will not fall. It is advised not to screw the gate without the bracket, it won’t have a strong grip alone. Hardware-mounted baby gates are always recommended for stairways because of the lower risk of the gate falling in comparison with pressure-mounted baby gates.

We have listed below the best baby gates for stairs and doorways, along with authentic customer reviews.


Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Baby Gate

The brand Regalo has introduced an extra wide walk thru Baby gate, expanding to fit opening 34-38.5 inches wide and 30 inches tall. It is an easy-to-fit baby gate.

The baby gate is built with a metal design and is a durable product, meeting all the recommended safety standards. This baby gate is a very secure product, the reason behind the extreme safety is the attachments provided with the product. It is a pressure-mounted baby gate. It is a suitable product for babies ranging from 6 to 24months.

Overall, it is a durable and secure baby gate with dual safety features.


Material Metal
Width 34 to 38.5 inches
Height 30 inches


Customer Review (Positive)

  • I bought three of these gates and they worked perfectly for the space I needed them for.
  • Durable, strong and keeps the giant puppies out of areas they do not belong.
  • Awesome gate. Tall enough.
  • Easy One-Hand Operation - Easy Installation.
  • Attractive, heavy-duty gate, latch & hinges are very smooth.
  • It's perfect for keeping my toddler out of the kitchen.


Customer Review (Negative)

  • The latch mechanism is much smaller than our older gate.
  • Narrow entrance; simple installation


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Perma Child Safety Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby

Perma Child Safety Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby

The brand Perma has introduced a plastic mesh retractable baby gate. This baby gate expands to fit the opening of 71 inches and has a height option of 33 to 41 inches. It is very easy to fit this retractable baby gate, just need to follow the instruction manual.

The baby gate is made up of two materials and is a versatile home safety solution. The best thing about this baby gate is that it can be used anywhere. It is an ideal choice for kids and pets. Perma has not compromised on the quality of products and meets all standard requirements of safety. This baby gate comes along with a one-year warranty.

Overall, it is a multi-usage product with options.


Material ABS Plastic & Polyester
Width 71 inches
Height 33 & 41 inches


Customer Review (Positive)

  • These gates work wonderfully in my house.
  • Great price.Looks nice and can be closed with one hand.
  • Wider than most other gates.
  • The child was tested and this mother approved. We have a very active toddler. This stood up to her test.
  • Great product for little ones! Works well for our 72-inch hallway.


Customer Review (Negative)

  • Hardware is indeed not great.
  • Not to be used in the stairs area.


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Regalo 2-in-1 Baby Gate

Regalo 2-in-1 Baby Gate

Regalo has a strong lineup of baby gates, covering various aspects of safety. The Regalo 2 in 1 baby gate is the ideal choice to be used at the top or bottom of the stairs.  This baby gate expands to fit the opening between 20 to 40.5 inches and is 28.50 inches tall.

It is easy to install and it is advised to follow the instructions manual. It is a hardware-mounted baby gate, which makes it safe, durable, and convenient. If you are specifically looking for a gate to be installed on stairs, this is the best in the market. It can be used in various places.

Overall, it is a strong and durable gate for your baby's or pet's safety. Along, with the best safety features.


Material Metal
Width 40.5 inches
Height 28.50 inches


Customer Review (Positive)

  • It's a nice product.
  • The only gate you will ever need.
  • Sturdy design and easy to install.
  • I love this gate! It is simple to install if you follow the directions.


Customer Review (Negative)

  • Difficult to install, we haven’t read the instruction manual.


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